A logo is the foundation and brand identity for any company or organization. Over the years we have had the opportunity to create logos that make a strong impression for brands. We make sure your brand is recognizable and easily understood. We know a well-designed logo will always assist in helping any company achieve distinction against other brands.

One of our clients Nouveau Navier made a request for a simple clean logo for their wellness company located in Houston, Texas. Our goal was to create a logo that simbolized earth with an elegant luxury feel.

Self Esteem Elevated is a non-profit organization located in Dallas, Texas. The goal was to create a design that would be universal and well understood.

Self Esteem Elevated launched an online streaming platform called SEE:tv.  In order to differentiate SEE from SEE:tv it was important that the logo be animated.  The goal of the new animated logo is to give life to the brand and provide a personal and human feel.