Are you looking for new ways to reach your customers?

Every brand in every industry is on the hunt to find new ways to reach customers. At Blyss what is most important to us is strategically creating ways for brands to connect with customers. We have always been strategic in developing campaigns that have impact. We just don’t want what is a current trend to be the end all be all to our approach. We want to create spaces where our clients voices are heard, respected and understood. That is why for over a decade we work hard to expose, engage and educate consumers through brand experiences. So how do we find new ways to reach customers? It’s that simple.

“Don’t let a current trend be the only way you reach your customer.”

  1. Create a 360 degree campaign. Craft a comprehensive 360-degree marketing campaign that strategically engages customers from every angle. Avoid merely following trends—instead, establish connections between your brand and your audience. Whether through a dynamic digital campaign, traditional media channels, a compelling promotional strategy, or a straightforward awareness initiative, explore diverse avenues. By thoroughly examining all perspectives, you can confidently choose approaches that resonate with both existing and potential customers.
  2. Read articles and stay current and up to date. Stay informed by reading industry articles to remain current with the latest developments. If your schedule is packed, delegate this task to a team member or stay updated during your morning commute through podcasts. For remote workers, integrate time in your schedule to  get current and up to date on industry issues, trends, and essentials into your daily routine.
  3. Make sure you know your customer. Understanding your customer is paramount to active engagement. Showcase the human side of your team to build relationships beyond the transactional. While profitability is essential, prioritize relationship-building, as sustained connections often lead to financial success.
  4. Find time to create ways that show who you really are. Allocate time to showcase your authenticity. In a crowded marketplace, it’s crucial to find unique ways to stand out. Be intentional in revealing your true identity and values, as authenticity can set your brand apart.
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