Powerful Reasons to Use Video

Everywhere you go video is the primary tool for sharing your business with the world. Have you wondered if video is the best decision for your brand? Most of our clients would prefer to be in the background. More and more consumers would rather have real authentic marketing that showcases an influencer or someone that they can trust share what they like about a product.

We have included a few tips on why we think video production should be a part of your creative efforts to showcase your brand to the world.

  1. Brand authenticity– As we stated earlier video creates authenticity with your brand. You want your brand viewed as a credible resource, product, or service. Video captures the essence of your brand and tells the story how you would like it to be told so that consumers can connect with it.
  2. Videos improve your SEO ranking. Video alone can convert consumers into customers. Since Google, Yahoo, and Bing considers how long a person is on your site. Video helps improve the metrics that these search engines take into account.
  3. Consumers trust your voice. Since we know that video is the best way to create authenticity for the brand, this component alone allows your voice to become the one customers want to hear. When you take time to creatively share your story in a meaningful manner people take notice. There should be a good story for your brand or product. If a consumer can connect with your brand it’s easy for them to want your product. There should be a character, plot, summary, and a hook (Call to Action).
  4. Creates brand loyalty – the more authentic you are about your products and services and the more content you create of a product a consumer likes, it will allow them to be repeat customers. 

With our 360 degree campaigns videos with today’s climate video will always be one of the components that we incorporate in our strategy. If you are looking for ways to expose, educate and engage consumers with your brand…BLYSS AGENCY can help you do exactly that

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