Who We Are

From our inception our emphasis has been on what we can do to enhance brands and have impact for our clients.

Blyss Agency goes beyond being a multicultural agency. We strive to be a unifying one. We have a mission to create authentic and effective engagement opportunities between brands and affluent multicultural markets.

Through our award-winning campaigns, we have successfully captivated the attention of our culturally affluent audience, known for their substantial purchasing power. These unique and compelling campaigns have not only garnered their interest but also driven a significant response.

What We Do

We consider ourselves partners in creating campaigns that established our clients success. What is important to our success is working with companies where we strongly believe in their mission and purpose to provide innovative and scalable results. Our fun and energetic team focuses on delivering creative campaigns that will expose engage and educate consumers through brand experiences. This is important to who we are. We wouldn’t have it any other way. So while our clients focus on what they do best, we focus on what we do best. Expose, Engage and Educate Consumers through Brand Experiences.

We know brands are always looking for the best way to expose consumers to their brand. We have established a reputation for creating unique campaigns that enhance brand awareness. Over the years our detailed research efforts have created educational opportunities for both the client and the consumer. We have seen our in-depth research reports presented to Fortune 500 leadership teams for use as a reference guide for future brand growth.


Take a glance at some of our work over the years.

Strategic Development
  • Branding

Our complete 360 campaigns are designed to make sure your clients and customers are connecting with your brand from every marketing angle.




We provide scalable services for every stage and every milestone of your customer’s journey.

Graphic Design

We specialize in creating captivating creative ideas that effectively expose, engage, and educate consumers. Whether it’s crafting your brand identity, designing impactful presentations, or developing eye-catching package layouts, we’ve got you covered.

Media Services

Our team specializes in crafting organic strategies that adeptly manage your online presence, leading to increased digital experiences that deliver meaningful connections, and a strengthened brand identity. 

Mobile App Development

We offer tailored cross-platform mobile apps.  Our apps offers content and user experiences that are customized for your target audience that unlocks ways for our clients to have value and stay relevant. Our expertise allows us to understand the unique needs and preferences of your users, enabling us to create compelling app content that resonates.

Strategic Development

Conducting research and using those learning to create a campaign strategy  is our greatest passion. We thoroughly enjoy the process of generating creative solutions that improve decisions, cause consumers to interact with your brand that produces results that exceed your expectations. 

Video Production

Being recognized as award-winning content producers, we pride ourselves on being great storytellers. We have the expertise to share impactful stories that deeply resonate with your audience, igniting meaningful conversations surrounding your brand. 

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional campaigns play a vital role in establishing top-of-mind awareness for your brand to set you apart. We specialize in strategically planning your content to enhance your brand reputation in the marketplace. From media attention, to influencer marketing, to custom gifts and so much more know we got you covered. 

Our Team

We are comprised of a diverse team of creatives with well over 100 years of agency and client side experience. We know what it is like to work from both sides of the coin. Our firsthand understanding from both perspectives enables our clients to recognize our adeptness in delivering impactful brand experiences with utmost effectiveness.

Blyss Cafe

We believe in sharing our knowledge of what is going on in our industry. We invite you to grab a cup of Joe and sit back and enjoy our content.

We're Here To Serve!

As a team of servant leaders, part of our value system is giving back to the community. If one can serve well, they can lead well.

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